Friday, November 27, 2009

The Jennifer Garant Studios Holiday Contest

The Jennifer Garant Studios Holiday Contest starts now!

Between now and December 20th, the winner of this contest will receive a Limited Edition Giclee of Jennifer's "Girlfriends in Paris".

The contest is simple...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the winner will be the person who is judged to have done the most generous charitable deed in this time period. We will recruit the same esteemed judges as before:

  • Ryan Tramonte
  • Sandy Osborne
  • Bill Vincent
  • Nancy Nelson
  • Louise Melbye

Please email the description of your gift to others to And, don't be surprised if in the same spirit of giving, many more prizes will be added as we go, because everyone who participates will be a winner with their contributions.

Thank you in advance.
Happy Holidays to all!

Jennifer & Tadd

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