Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Contest #2: Quickfire II - Results!!

Quickfire II results are in...

Most Annoying Thing: Melody Theilmann, 5 pts
Drawers that don't slide right and get hung up... makes me want to yank them right out of the cabinet

Funniest Post: April Pringle, 5pts
Finding out about a challenge 207 comments into it.

Most Posts: Chris Golling, 5pts

There were an astounding 274 comments submitted.
Thank you to all the participants who played in this round!

Contest #2 Points Summary

Top 3 Scores as of today:

1) Maggie Murphy (20.6)
2) Chris Golling (16.6)
3) Melody Theilmann (16.4)

Stayed tuned for the next leg of the contest...

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