Sunday, August 30, 2009

Contest #2: Quickfire II

Attention Contest 2 Participants...

"Most Annoying Thing" Quickfire starts now! (8/30, 1:20pm PST)

Deadline is 8/31 at 11:00 am PST

What annoys you?

An example from our cat:
"It annoys me when they give me the 'Lion Cut'."

Contest Rules:
You can comment as many times as you'd like to this post on Jennifer Garant Studios Facebook wall, but have to wait for 3 posts between your posts before you can comment again.

Most posts wins 5pts.
Funniest post wins 5 pts.
Most annoying thing wins 5pts.

Good Luck!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Contest #2: Quickfire I - Results!!

Comment results for Contest #2: Quickfire I on Ryan's coverage of Jennifer Garant's painting "Bad Habits in Venice" are in.

Funniest Comment: Maggie Murphy, 3pts

The nun clutching the Bible has a red stain on her dress!! She must have been involved somehow... who would ever suspect her with that innocent get up on, holding the Word of God?! How low does a person have to go to cover up a murder? Someone order a DNA test on that stain, STAT.

Most Interesting Conspiracy Theory: Maggie Murphy, 3pts

We all know that SOMETHING crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico that hot afternoon in July 1947. It is quite possible that the extraterrestrial life forms got so fed up with the publicity and alien mockery that their little visit caused that they decided to pick up ship and camp elsewhere. I am banking they choose ‘The City of Light’ to call home. Coincidence that this painting took place in the very same city? And, now we have a murder investigation on our hands. I don’t think so. I have heard that aliens, unlike humans, don’t have to depend on air for survival. And, what better place to lurk and spy on unsuspecting prey than in the Venetian canals themselves. What’s that?! I see one of them now!! Camouflaged on the side of the orange building near the skyline!! Wow, who knew they were capable of changing color in an effort to conceal themselves from their victims. They obviously haven’t mastered their technique, however. I can still see the outline of his green head and limbs. Oh, the horror… Oh, the humanity!! Run for your lives folks… RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!Thanks to all who participated in this round!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contest #2: Quickfire I

Attention Contest 2 Participants...

"Bad Habits in Venice" Quickfire starts now!
(8/27, 9pm PST)

Deadline is 8/28 at 6pm PST

The person with the most interesting conspiracy theory or funniest comment in the comment section of Ryan's coverage of Jennifer Garant's painting "Bad Habits in Venice" has a chance to win some points during this challenge. See article links below.

The funniest post = 3 points
The most interesting conspiracy theory =3 points

You may not post 2 in a row; you must allow at least five others to post before you can post again. Remember, this is not a contest of who can rack up the most comments... it's the content that counts!

Click on the links for the first three installments:
Bad Habits - A Mystery in Venice
Bad Habits - A Mystery in Venice (The Suspects)
Bad Habits - A Mystery in Venice (South America)

Read Ryan's latest article and let the commenting begin!
Bad Habits - A Mystery in Venice
(Technology & The Final Suspects)

Good Luck!!

The final installment of Ryry's week long adventure with us:
Bad Habits - A Mystery in Venice
(The Unexpected Twist)

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"The Royal Tenenbaum" Results!!

The Royal Tenenbaum contest results have been tallied.

Thanks to everyone who had a chance to participate. The pictures were absolutely priceless!! Everyone did a great job!!

First Place - Krissy Haines:
Second Place - Maggie Murphy:Third Place - Robyn Service:The remaining contestants in order of placement:

Loretta Neureiter:
Chris Golling:
Melody Thielmann:
Julie Skellen:

Click here for overall Contest 2 standings.

Stay tuned for the next Quickfire challenge!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Contest #2: Challenge II

Challenge Name - "The Royal Tenenbaums" This is one of our favorite movies. If you have not seen it, you should, but that is totally optional! It is a family full of wonderful dysfunctional people.

Contest Participants: We want you to find a character in that movie and do a make-over to look like that character. If you can include more than just yourself to do this, that would be great, but they would have to be a diferent character than you. After you are dressed as one of the characters, you must get a photo in a public place posing as them (i.e., in a restaurant, at a park, etc.) If you have more than two of your family and/or friends do this with you, you will receive an extra point by each judge.

Deadline to submit your picture is:
Tuesday Aug 25th at midnight (EST)

If you have any questions, please post them on Facebook.

You will be judged on a number of factors including funniest, most true to character, most unusual location for the shot, etc. You will be awarded a score between 1 and 10 if you participate. This is a great chance to increase your point standings.

Have fun!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Don't Play With Your Food" Results!!

Wonderful edible art was submitted in the first leg of Contest #2!

First Place - Maggie Murphy:
(Sunset in Paris)
Second Place - Robyn Service:
(Miss Carrot Tropicana & her oddish snuffleupagus/rabbit)Third Place - Jenn Tomlin
(Chef on Bike)
Remaining contestants in order of placement:

Dore Fletcher
(Deserted Island)
Melody Thielmann
(Starry Night/Gogh)
Chris Golling
April Pringle
Julie Skellen
(Boat/Beach Scene)
Krissy Haines
(Betty Spaghetty)
Charlene Tiffany
Heather Haney
(Squidward Face)
Loretta Neureiter
(Santa Claus)
Becky Calcote
Thanks to everyone, contestants and judges, for your participation.

If you missed this part of Contest #2, there will be plenty more legs to make up the points, some even worth 20 points! So, everyone is still in contention to win a Jennifer Garant original.

Stay tuned for the next set of instructions as the contest continues!!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Contest #2: Challenge I

"Don't Play with Your Food"

Begins Tuesday, August 18
Ends at Midnight (on the same day)

Arrange a plate of food to look like something artistic: a face, a Van Gough, an abstract, your dog, etc. Take a picture of the plate and send to

The judges will award your work of edible art from 0 to 5 points.

Good luck!

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Contest #2: Official Rules & Meet the Judges

The enrollment period for Contest #2 has now closed.

Official Rules:
1) Contest #2 will last one month.
2) There will be a number of contests within the contest.
3) Our judges will award between 0 and 5 points for each contest.
4) The person with the most points at the end of the contest will win an original painting by Jennifer.

Note: There will be a total of four big contests and a number of quickfire contests; we will have five unbiased judges to award points for each contest.

Meet our Esteemed Judges for Contest #2

Bill Vincent

(artist rendering)
Bill has been in the art business for over 20 years, and is currently the Gallery Director of Artevo Corporation in Calgary as well as the Corporate Sales Director.

Previously, he held the following positions:

Corporate Sales Director, Artevo Corporation, Calgary: 2007-2009
Gallery Director, Artevo Corporation, Calgary: 2004-2007
Gallery Director, Art Mode Gallery, Calgary: 2002-2004
Assistant Gallery Director, Art Mode Gallery Ottawa: 1999-2002
Sales Associate, Art Mode Gallery, Ottawa: 1994-1999
Owner, Freestyle Framing, Whistler: 1993-1994
Franchise Owner, Magni Frame, Toronto: 1990-1994
Manager, Toronto Distribution Facility, Toronto: 1988-1992

Sandy Osborn
Sandy is an independent freelance graphic & print designer since 1995. She specializes in small business planning, advertising, menu, and form development. She has an extensive portfolio in menu design for small to medium sized restaurants and has provided print design services to the hospitality, medical and educational fields of business. In 2006, she became a founding designer of the D.A.I.S.I.E Company which began a career in digital graphics and downloadable print products for personal and commercial use. She designs original printable templates and works with digital art from internationally known artists. Her products are now also featured in BELLA Scraps Magazine.

Check out Sandy's business:

Ryan Tramonte
Ryan is the General Manager of French Art Network and Rue Royale Art Partners of New Orleans. With galleries in Carmel by the Sea, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico, New Orleans and Key West, Florida; the company’s family of galleries represents 54 artists from across the globe. With his office in the center of the French Quarter at 541 Royal Street, Ryan has managed to surround himself with some of the most beautiful aspects of New Orleans: its artists. “Artists mold the way we think and live on a daily basis; they are one of society’s most prized possessions."

Ryan has been featured on several commercials for New Orleans Public Access Television, encouraging people to “spread the love” while evacuated for Katrina. An avid participant in local charities, Ryan has managed to raise thousands of dollars to help multiple charities of different venues. He is also the Arts and Culture editor for, where he writes a weekly column and blog, “Around with Ryan” , featuring what’s good about the art, the artists and the galleries of The Big Easy. He also highlights groups and businesses in New Orleans like, "The Big Easy Roller Girls," in his video segments, showing locals and tourists what to see and do in the city. An artist himself, Ryan centers his work on graphite and ink sketches and collage. Ryan says he is most inspired by his family, “all of them, they are the center of my jokes, my columns, my stories and everything that is me. Even when I want them to… they never go away. I am super lucky."

Check out Ryan's video blog.

Nancy Nelson

(artist rendering)
Nancy has over 10 years experience doing Product Development and sales in the wall art industry for retailers, formally PD manager for Dayton Hudson Marshall Fields Dept stores and a Buyer for Target in Home Textiles.

She is currently working for Fisher Home Accents as a Product Manager.

Louise Melbye

Louise Mikkelborg Melybye worked for 10 years in the television industry in Canada where she was an award-winning news anchor and reporter. She left broadcasting after the birth of her children, but has remained active in the volunteer sector. She is passionate about the environment, politics, and the welfare of children. Louise lives with her husband Scott, and three children, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Let the contest begin... and have fun!!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aug/Sep Contest

Okay, the next contest at Jennifer Garant Studios is ready to start.... as soon as we get at least 30 collectors and friends to sign up. The day we reach 30, we will continue to include additional people until midnight that day to a maximum of 50 contestants. To sign up, please send an email to and tell us you are signing up for Contest 2.

This contest will last a month and hopefully not take up too much of your time. We hope it will be fun, because it will be well worth your time. The winner will become the owner of a 22"x30" original painting of one of my chefs on 300lb French watercolor paper. It will include a letter of authenticity and Jennifer will personalize it before we ship it to you. We think that in this economy, no one deserves a Jennifer Garant original more than one of her collectors.

The details of the contest will be shared when we have at least 30 contestants. Only one contestant per household. You must be 18 years or older. The contest will be split into 2 parts and we will have 2 challenges per week as well as a couple "quickfire" challenges.

Things that you will need: access to a computer with email, access to a camera, sense of humor, some gaming skills, some card skills, curiosity, and possibly some cooking skills. So please sign up to compete, and we will get Contest 2 started.

It's going to be fun!

Jennifer Garant Signature

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Beach Girls" Puzzle Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce our July contest winners & final scores:

First Place - Kyle Tomlin (7:01)

Second Place - Maggie Murphy (7:10)

Third Place - Julie Skellon (9:41)

Congratulations, Kyle, Maggie, & Julie!!

It was literally a fight to the finish, and so much fun. The prize packages will be mailed out today to our contest winners. We'd like to extend a big "THANK YOU" to all who participated.

Stay tuned for our August contest details...